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Start Laser Hair Removal Today and Be Swimsuit Ready by Summer

When winter fades and you can no longer hide under heavy sweaters and long pants, your hair-removal routine kicks into high gear. Waxing, shaving, and depilatories can get rid of unwanted hair, but the results are temporary and require regular maintenance.

What if you could get permanently smooth skin? This would give you the freedom to put on your swimsuit at any time for an impromptu visit to the coast, pool, or lake, without the worry of exposed hair.

Laser hair removal can do just that. At Natural Obsession Aesthetics in Kingwood, Texas, Brittney Gast, RN, BSN, uses Motus® AY and Motus® AX lasers to give you smooth, hassle-free skin to enjoy every season. 

If you start today, you can be ready for this summer and many summers to come.

How laser hair removal works

Laser hair removal directs heat energy to active hair follicles. The pigment-containing cells in these follicles soak up so much heat that they are rendered inactive and unable to grow any more hair. 

Hair grows in cycles, and not every follicle is in the same cycle at any given time. At each laser hair removal session, the laser energy damages hair follicles that are actively producing hair.

It takes just a few sessions of laser treatments to get all of the follicles in their active stage, and then you enjoy hair-free skin that you can flaunt all summer long. 

You may notice your hair grows back thinner and finer after each session. Eventually, it doesn’t grow at all. 

If you start today, you can schedule all of the sessions you need before the heat of summer hits. You can continue to enjoy hair-free skin for impromptu winter vacations, too.

Laser hair removal works everywhere

Of course, laser hair removal can permanently smooth your bikini line, underarms, and legs, but it has so much more potential. If you have unwanted hair on your upper lip or chin, a few zaps smooth your face for good.

Men and women also enjoy laser hair removal in areas like the arms, chest, and back, too. Just about anywhere you have unwanted hair responds to laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal appointments are easy

You visit our office for each laser hair removal session. We glide the advanced Motus® AY and Motus® AX lasers to quickly and effectively zap unwanted hair. The procedure feels like rubber bands snapping against your skin and is quite tolerable. 

Each visit lasts just 10-30 minutes (depending on the area treated). You can even get multiple sites treated in one session. 

There’s no downtime required following your treatment but stay out of the sun for a few weeks. Laser-treated skin is temporarily extra sensitive to ultraviolet rays. This means no tanning beds, either. 

Get started today. Your sessions will be complete and your skin healed by summer so you can enjoy activities worry- and hair-free.

If you’re ready to have smooth skin this summer and ditch the razors, tweezers, and wax appointments for good, call us at Natural Obsession Aesthetics to set up your laser hair removal appointment. You can also reach out via this website to request an appointment.